What is avernus.com.au?

avernus.com.au is the home of a frustrated photographer, engineer and dad. The site has de-volved over the years growing and shrinking depending on demand, time,and enthusiasm.

It now primarily houses a .... blog. All previous projects, like the Temperature Page, outdated gallery and file/image repository, bushwalking.avernus.com.au, Avernus Gallery (gallery.avernus.com.au) and Bonsai Blog (bonsai.avernus.com.au) have all entered a hiberation stage.

Who is avernus.com.au?

Gerard , you can catch me on 0415 702 740 or glacklo_insert some funny a symbol here_bigpond.net.au

Why are you here?

thats a mighty fine question

Why do half the links not work?

Because I can't be bothered and that part/link is not really that important to me anymore....probably just a phase!

What should I look at then?

Check out the pages/sites relating to things that I do spend time on:

- Gerry's Imagery

- Gerrys Image Repository

- Blog and Stuff (blog.avernus.com.au)

and if your into the social disease you can check out my infections over here:

Gerry on FB

Gerry on Flickr



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